Good evening!
I want to know how to install FTP server for OS SUSE10.2 in purpose of connection to second PC. in which is install OS Windows XP and what I must to do to install This system in both PC’s
How can I update browser Firefox2 in SuSe to Firefox3
How can I update Ed2k links handing for Amule system

Thanks beforehand

Hi. You will find Firefox 3 in the Mozilla repository which is here: Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_10.2. Just add the repository with Yast and then update the packages you want.
You can install an ftp server with yast, too. But to connect your 2 computers you don’t necessarily need an ftp server. With Samba, you can easily browse windows shares (e.g. type smb:/ in Konqueror). You can share folders from your Linux box when you install Samba server. A lot of information about that can be found in the forums and in the openSUSE wiki.
Furthermore there’s ssh. When the ssh server is running on suse and the firewall port is open, you can connect to your computer with Windows tools, e.g. putty.
Hope that helped a little. Good luck!