Updates require access to install media (iso on usb)

I have 42.2 successfully installed on my desktop from a usb installation drive. All seems to be OK. However, when trying to check for updates from panel’s notification menu, I get an error message requiring the access to install media :. This happen also when trying to update from yast. Then I’d have to plug in the install usb and reboot before being able to run update which then works OK. Any idea what could be wrong here? Any solutions? Please advise!


Yast → Software Repositories

Find the repo for the install USB. The URL for it will look like “hd:///device=?/dev/…”

Disable that repo. That is, uncheck the “enabled” box.

I am surprised that you are having this issue. My experience is that the installer leaves that repo disabled. That’s a change since earlier installers, but a good change. (I re-enabled it here for specific reasons). But the simplest is to leave that disabled or even to delete that repo.

Did it.
Thank you!