Updates failing

Much better. But you should also remove repo number 1 as it is the same as repo number 14 (you can see this by comparing the URL).

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I am now getting the following error on boot. Something to do with the “Plymouth” again. Any ideas?

[FAILED] Failed to start Show Plymouth Boot Screen. 

The system does boot up, but clearly something has changed, and I presume not for the better…

For new question start new topic in appropriate subforum and clear description.

For completeness, Plymouth loads a graphic during the boot process. It seems that some of the repositories removed were providing Nvidia graphics drivers, and once removed this caused the issue. The repositories in question were providing G03 drivers and are community, not offical. I tried adding them back but they give errors.

Plymouth has a history of conflicting with NVidia’s proprietary drivers, readily avoided by not having plymouth installed when installing NVidia’s drivers.