Updates available with zypper and Discovery, but not in YaST

I installed openSUSE TW only a week ago and today I received a major update via Discover. I then ran zypper dup and it was also displayed there. However, nothing was visible in YaST, Online-Update. Are there any priorities that I need to set first?

Never use YaST to update and definiltely not the Online Update. Use zypper dup or Discover. See the docs.

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YaST Online-Updates are for updates to Leap. TW doesn’t have updates except on rare occasions to rush a security fix past ordinary QA for the next distribution release. TW otherwise produces only Distribution UP-Grades, for which zypper dup is optimal procedure to add, update and remove packages as required in the rolling distribution, and which YaST Online-Updates can’t properly support.


Thanks @mrmazda , @mrmazda for the explanations.

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