Updater Widget Can This Show Details

A small updater widget appears in task manager when updates are waiting and if opened the updates can be downloaded. Unfortunately the list of waiting downloads is lost once downloading starts and all that is shown is a progress bar. It would be good to be able to see the details as they are downloaded. Is there a switch I am missing?

I seem to remember that you could click on it or hold the mouse over it (or something) to see progress. However, I do not use the updater, so I really don’t know.

The updater is meant to work without getting in your way. If you want to watch progress, then use:

zypper up

at a root command line (instead of using the update applet).

And using YaST > Software > On line update will also show you a list of what is downloaded and installed (for Patches).

And YaST > .Software > Software Mnagment, then from View either Package groups or RPM groups and at the bottom choose System or All will show you all packages at right. Go there and right click and choose All in this list, Update if a newer version is available. That will do the same s zypper up: Patches and Updates from all enabled repositories. And it will show you agian what it is doing.

So either the CLI with zypper, or the GUI with YaST. Who needs that silly updater lol!