Updater not working?

Hi, I’m running a version of Opensuse below:

openSUSE 11.1 (i586) KDE: 4.1.3 (KDE 4.1.3) “release 4.12.1”

I’ve had it running for around 18 months and it seems the updater applet has ceased to function. How can I repair it?

I’m a complete novice in this field so please go easy!

11.1 has reached EOL (End of Life). Thats the only reason I can think of that is causing the updater applet to stop working.

Sounds reasonable to me, so what action do I need to take? I assume a new version of suse or other flavour of linux is now required?

openSUSE 11.4 just came out and IMHO really stable. However if you really wanted to keep 11.1 I suggest you look at Project Evergreen:
openSUSE:Evergreen - openSUSE