Updater lists update for non-installed mysqlclient-devel

OpenSUSE 11.0:

On Jan 5, 2009, the openSUSE Updater started to display the following update:

desc=mysql security update
new version=210

I do not have that library installed. When I choose to apply the update, I am prompted for the root password, and then nothing happens. After a while, update manager lists the same update again.
The same happens when I install the package (e.g. version, 5.0.51a-27.2, using yast). No update is applied and update manager continues to list the update.

I have a MySQL-client/server/shared-community-5.0.67-0.sles10 installation, may this cause the problem?


I’m not sure why this happens but it hasn’t caused me any problems. I use Online Update rather than the Updater and it sometimes lists updates for programs I don’t have installed but these are not marked to be installed; so when I select Accept, it only installs the ones for programs I have installed and ignores the ones I don’t have installed.

Amarok 2 uses mysql (and maybe some other programs) which is proberbly the reason for the update



I’m actually using amarok. I installed it using yast2, which should have installed all dependencies. The mysqlclient-devel packet has definitely not been installed.

I will try online update.

Just checked on my amarok version and it’s 1.4, so this cannot cause the problem.

I’m still able to fully use my system, and Updater also keeps installing all other updates, but this one does not disappear, so it indicates available updates all the time.

Try rpm -qa mysql* in a console to see what if anything is installed


Hi Geoff,

that’s exactly what I did, just that I used yast2 and searched for “mysql”:

rpm -qa mysql*


rpm -qa MySQL*


No idea why Updater lists that update.