updater kills system

put off the updater. I’ve had several complete system crashes after some updates…

The updater will never crash a system, repositories might. If you post such a comment, you should be a little more precise on the symptoms and their history.

i had to reinstall the os 3 times!!!

never seen such since 1998 and believe me i do all before reinstall. only default repos i believe once gstreamer update turned all my libs upside down

Sorry, but it’s unlikely that this is the full backround of your troubles - because then many more users would experience the same. In →another thread you mention multiple occurrences of filesystem errors, those often happen due to faulty HDs.

Could you be a little more specific here:

Do you mean that you have been put off the updater, that you are advising others to put the updater off their systems, or you are advising delaying the use of the updater. This is very ambiguous.

By the updater, do you mean the system updater applet within some GUI (which?) or do you mean using zypper in update mode or using yast to update your system?

Presumably, this applies to some version of SUSE? Would you care to say which?

Are you asking for help in resolving this issue (in which case, actual information would be helpful) or are you just trying to warn others of the issue (in which case, actual information would be helpful).