Updater error

My updater says “new software for your system” but when i try i get the
following error:

Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best
Problem: java-1_5_0-sun-plugin cannot installed due to missing
Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best
architecture. With this run only resolvables with the best architecture
have been regarded. Regarding all possible resolvables takes time, but
can come to a valid result.
Solution 1: Make a solver run with ALL possibilities. Regarding all
resolvables with a compatible architecture.

Can anyone translate for me?


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I had issues with some thing along these lines…
apparently you might have to go to Yast> Software>
Online Update, updated and it gave me a new icon, instead
of the usually triangle-exclamation point.

Try to talk to “ram88”; he’s experienced with this
kinda stuff


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Try it from the CLI then (console/konsole);

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper lu
sudo zypper up

The first command refreshes the repositories, the second lists any
updates, the third will apply the updates.

If that doesn’t work a read here;
Manager Cleanup

Note the script has an error, the correct one is here;
up Package Manager Stack - openSUSE

Now the other issue may be the redirector and which mirror is sending
you to. If the above doesn’t help, manually add a mirror close to you
rather than the download.opensuse.org.


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