Updated Totem 3.6 breaks Apple trailers (Quicktime) support.

As the title says. Totem 3.6 update breaks Apple trailers streaming.

I thought Gnome 3.6 and it’s upgraded apps were released because they are stable. Breaking support for things does not speak to “stable” does it? Or I guess this is OpenSUSE’s version of stable, which translates to broken default apps everywhere.

I assumed the purpose of upgrading was to add features and improve apps, not break them and take away features.

It does indeed.
Until something is done to resolve that, you could try using gecko-mediaplayer
You may have to set it to use it in firefox prefs tpo

So I don’t use Gnome and mostly its hard to recommend going to a newer Desktop for KDE or Gnome than comes already installed with openSUSE. I did spring for (take a chance) KDE 4.8 in openSUSE 12.1 a while back which worked OK for me. I jumped into this topic because I visit the iTunes Movie Trailer Web Site all of the time and Totem 3.4 is working great for that task. If it meant a lot to go there, you may want to consider reinstalling openSUSE 12.2 and waiting for the next version of openSUSE before springing to the next Gnome Desktop. And, if you have your data saved else where, its not that much trouble to reload, depending on how much going to the iTunes site is worth to you. If I were is the same boat as you, I would grumble to myself and just reload openSUSE 12.2 and consider it a lesson on what not to do.

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