Updated to SUSE 11.1 now no minimise button

I have updated my SUSE 11.0 system to 11.1 today- which was pretty much a painless process. However I now find that I cannot minimise or mazimise any window or windowed application - because there are min. max or close buttons on ANY application window. Some applications can be closed from a menu bar, but there are some which I cannot close at all.

Another fascinating anomaly is that I cannot enter the Root Password which is requested when invoking YAST: the expected dialog window is presented but I am unable to enter anything into the password entry field. The only option that works in this dialog box is the ‘Cancel’ button.

This means that I cannot make any changes to my system which require root privileges in YAST!

Could I get some advice of what I should read, or where I should look to start understanding where the problem root cause it? Thanks

I experienced the same problem on one of my systems - I get the impression a fair few people have. Some people suggested uninstalling then reinstalling compiz, possibly from compiz’s own site rather than from the openSUSE repos, which you’d be able to do using the command line if you can’t via gnome.

However, did you try hovering the cursor over the ‘root password’ window, then typing the password? Worked for me.

Until they fix it, I’m just using KDE4 - it’s stable enough for my purposes. And I apologise that that’s a slightly lame answer, but I’m sure someone will be along to give you a better one. :wink:

Thanks for the help.

Apologies for appearing stupid, but I thought Compiz was a KDE only capability; I’m running Gnome (actually, I’m not running GNome if you understyand what I mean, and that’s the problem).

If I am mistaken and I do need to uninstall Compiz anyway, can you give a a clue about the command line syntax?

Sorry for the delay - being Christmassy :slight_smile:

First, a warning. I do not know what I am doing. I really don’t - I’m very new to Linux.

I cannot guarantee that the commands I give you

a) Won’t break your machine.
b) Will work.
c) Are an elegant / efficient solution.

That said, it seems to have worked for me. Perhaps the best solution is to watch this thread for a day or so, and if noone leaps up and says; “Don’t listen to this nitwit!”, you’re probably alright to go for it. :slight_smile:

I logged in, then in a terminal:

su - 

-type root password

zypper rm compiz* 

-yes at prompt


At this point your system should be functional - and indeed faster than it was before. If you don’t need bells and whistles, no particular reason to continue.

But… I know!.. the cube… it spins! :wink:

Go here Compiz Fusion - openSUSE

Select the package you’re after - by the sound of things that’s Gnome 11.1. Save to Desktop. Double click the file (compiz-fusion-gnome.ymp in gnome’s case) and YaST should run. Confirm everything and it should install.

Reset (just to be on the safe side, though perhaps unnecessary) then run Control Centre / Desktop Effects to set up.