updated to kde 4.6.2 problem with shut down

I have a clean install of 11.4 64 bit updated with factory and tumbleweed.

Updated to kde 4.6.2 (from 4.6.1) yesterday using factory. The update worked fine with the exception of shutting down. When I press the shut down button it closes kde and takes me to a terminal window logon. So I have been switching to root and init 0. The re-start option (from kde) works fine.

I rolled my system back to kde 4.6.1 and it shut down without any problems. I thought that it might be a problem with me using factory to upgrade to kde 4.6.2 - so I switched back to kde 4.6.2 using the kde repo at:-

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Distro:/Factory/openSUSE_11.4

Same problem in shutting down. So I again rolled back to kde 4.6.1 (which again came from factory) and no problems. The only thing that I can see that is different is when I log out of kde and there is the (kdm) screen login, on the bottom left there are the different systems available. For kde this used to show:-


kde plasma

kde plasma (failsafe)

but now just shows the two plasma options. Is this were my problem lies or is this standard were someone has upgraded to kde 4.6.2.

Any thoughts appreciated.

You know that repo is probably not a good idea?

You know that repo is probably not a good idea? ***

I appreciate that. I always d/l the individual rpm’s to a local folder and update from there - so I can roll back if I hit a problem.

Have you updated to kde 4.6.2? If so do you have ‘kde’ shown as an option (at the kdm or gdm logon screen) or just the kde plasma options shown?

Although I have kde installed I am using Gnome, it’s just performing better for me in 11.4
In 11.3 there was nothing in it

The ‘KDE’ option in the kdm screen is gone. One should choose “Plasma Workspace” now. IIRC this was announced, or in the changelog.

Concerning system shutdown: I can confirm this behaviour. Haven’t had the time to dive into it.

Thanks for posting. Thought it was just me!

Apparently the answer is to:-

Go to shutdown tab and change the halt setting from “/sbin/shutdown -p now” to “/sbin/shutdown -h now”


To solve the shutdown problem you need to:-

kemu / system settings / login screen / shutdown

then change the halt settings to:-

/sbin/shutdown -h now

the correct command is:
/sbin/shutdown -P now
note the upper case “P”

anyhow this has been fixed for a little while now and it would be better to update and get half a dozen other fixes too.

i was haveing the same proplem too!

[LEFT]i did all the solutions here but the problem still![/LEFT]

That is what I have in Login-Manager, i.e. 'Personal Settings: > ‘Login Screen’


/sbin/shutdown -h -P now


/sbin/shutdown -r now

i have that too,but the same problem!

Try refreshing the shutdown settings preferences

System Settings>>Startup and Shutdown>>Session Management

Click on ‘Offer shutdown options’ (if enabled just click to disable then again to re-enable), then ‘Apply’

The try shutting down again.

i did that but the same problem!

Mhannysabbagh, I have to ask you if you have the the shutdown and reboot options at all?

Can you please post output of

cat /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager |grep DISPLAY

this is the output:


that root can never login if DISPLAYMANAGER_SHUTDOWN is “auto” and


that root can never login if DISPLAYMANAGER_SHUTDOWN is “auto” and





Here is your problem


It should be


For reference, I have

# Determine who will be able to shutdown or reboot the system in kdm.  Valid
# values are: "root" (only root can shutdown), "all" (everybody can shutdown),
# "none" (nobody can shutdown from displaymanager), "auto" (follow
# System/Security/Permissions/PERMISSION_SECURITY to decide: "easy local" is
# equal to "all", everything else is equal to "root").  gdm respects the
# PolicyKit settings for ConsoleKit. Shutdown configuration can be done via
# the polkit-default-privs mechanism.

You can see (from above) that there are other choices available. Edit this file (with root privileges) and all should be ok

kdesu kwrite /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager

thank you,that solve the problem.

I have upgraded with factory repository and have no problems.
Is release available?

Yep, you can always check this by browsing the repos : Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/46 . Just go on for your version, then check the folder for your architecture and look for the version numbers of the kdebase4 packages.