updated to 12.1 - udevadm stalls

I just updated my repos to factory from 11.4 (with KDE 4.7.2) and ran an update. From GRUB I can only login now through Failsafe or by adding “nomodeset” to the OpenSUSE or Desktop kernel lines.

With “nomodeset” I have limited video capability, everything seems slower and it does not remember my multiple monitor config.

When I just boot to the default GRUB line I get a pause stating “UDEVADM” as it is reading the USB devices.

Cay suggestions to get around this?

I’ll reboot so I can copy down more command line code from where it stalls.

Otherwise… I like 12.1!

After rebooting I have some more command-line data to put down.

It stalls when it get to to the USB list, loading my Broadcom device:

3.001143 USB 10-2:SerialNumber:00027....

then after awhile I get more code:


I missed what it contained before it started repeating this line:

UDEVD [147]:TIMEOUT:KILLING '/sbin/modprobe -bv pci:v....' [194]

Any suggestions from this?

Once again, I can boot through GRUB and reach KDM if I add the “nomodeset” to the kernel line.

Thank you!

After finding this https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=721657 and this OSS Radeon driver with 12.1 I thought it may be a kernel issue.

But after installing kernel-desktop 3.1 from the Index of /repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard repo I still have the same issue.

On 10/25/2011 11:16 PM, kahu wrote:
> I just updated my repos to factory from 11.4 (with KDE 4.7.2) and ran an
> update.

why did you do that? or, where did you find the instructions to do that
as a supported path from openSUSE 11.4 to anything (which is expected to

i mean, Factory is a moving target

so, if you want to test the progress of 12.1, the frozen and unchanging
version named openSUSE 12.1 RC1 is available here:


download it, burn it, check it and install it on your sandbox,
non-production system with no personal data to loose…

openSUSE®, the “German Automobiles” of operating systems

I admit I was confused as to how to test/upgrade to 12.1. It appears there is not really a way to do that from what you’re saying without installing an update through a RC1 “snapshot.” I though if I added the factory repos I could “step into” the milestones for 12.1. And I couldn’t find anything explicit saying if that would work or not.

I’ve used Ubuntu before, which seems to have a friendlier method of doing this.

I’ll try downloading a NetCD or DVD and running an update.

Thank you!

On 10/27/2011 06:16 AM, kahu wrote:
> I though if I added the factory repos I could “step into” the milestones for 12.1.

well, don’t misunderstand me…it is possible to “step into” the
milestones and just happen to download a working image…but, that would
be nothing but pure luck because the code in factory is constantly
being changed…

periodically they will stop making changes, run some tests and if it is
promising will take a SNAPSHOT of the codebase and release that snapshot
as (say) Milestone 1, or Beta, or RC 1 or whatever…but, the moment
that snapshot is released THEN they start applying patches to
Factory…and, if you join Factory the day after RC1 is FROZEN and
released then you might find a working system or you might not…

since there is NO way to know what you down loaded, it is impossible to
help you fix it…on the other hand, if you had downloaded and run RC1
then you could test it…test it to report bugs so they get fixed, not
test it to seek fixes or work arounds on your test copy…

openSUSE®, the “German Automobiles” of operating systems