Updated OS X to Yosemite... OpenSuse won't Boot

Hi all,

Having a situation here :frowning:
Updated OS X Mavericks to Yosemite recently & now OpenSuse won’t boot.

A little background-
Running a triple boot on my iMac (late 2012 model)
First OS is OS X Yosemite (recently updated from Mvericks)
Second OS is Xubuntu (was running this as the main Linux Distro till i moved to openSuse)
Third OS is OpenSuse, which is now my main OS.

I can delete Xubuntu anytime as i don’t use, but had it just in case…

Til the update of OS X, the booting was fine on all 3 OS, which got messed up after the update.

So i use ‘Refind’ as the boot manager, as is required.
In Refind, i get options to boot into OS X, OpenSuse & Xubuntu
Choosing OS X, boots Yosemite no problem.
If i choose Xu or OpenSuse, it jumps to GRUB, where i would choose the desired OS (Opensuse or Yosemite or even OS X) and it boots fine.
Here is where the issue starts…
after updating to Yosemite, goes to this screen -


something is messed up… and am still a newbie with Linux/ OpenSuse in general.

a) What would i need to do to be able to boot into OpenSuse without trouble?
b) Is there any way i can do away with Grub & just have the Refind bootloader as that seems a little more stable so far… (No offence… have had no trouble with it so far)

Any help appreciated