Updated kernel-trace no lirc-kmp-trace


Today, I’ve got updates for my openSuse 11.1 kernels (kernel-default and kernel-trace to
Kernel-default went fine, no problem with lirc-kmp-default.
Kernel-trace won’t update because of dependencie problem with lirc-kmp-trace from previous kernel.

Both lirc-kmp versions are the same and the kernel version are the same.

For the last month, I’ve used kernel-trace and got better performance for mythtv.

Must the lirc-kmp-trace rpm updated or is there something wrong with my system?

  • wait until there is a lirc-kmp-trace for kernel


  • remove the kmp, upgrade the kernel (including kernel-source and kernel-syms) and rebuild the lirc-kmp from the respective src.rpm.