Updated kernel and X fails to start properly (AMD Radeon card)

Hi. Today I updated (as part of the normal zypper update procedure) the kernel to 4.1.21-14.2, and now I get only a black screen where I would normally expect the KDE login screen to be. Switching to a terminal and running dmesg, I saw a line that said something like segfault in fglrx. Fortunately OpenSUSE kept my old kernel, 4.1.20-11.1, as a backup boot choice which still works.

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that fglrx compiles against the current kernel…is that right? So if I just reinstall fglrx will it then work with the current kernel?

I have an AMD Radeon R7 370.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Never mind - it booted just fine later.