updated from 11.2to 11.3/suse_lost 10 GB

Dear SuSeUsers.

I have done a update from openSuse11.2 to 11.3 .,(not new install,I did update install).

Now at my PC home / partition after NEW INSTALL of SuSE 11.3 file system shwos 10.6 GB(space taken,busy),it’s ok.But on my laptop where I did UPDATE INSTALL / file system has 25 GB(space taken,busy).

My question is how can I release 10 Gb form my laptop(we all fight for free space).

The difference it’s clear>making update takes more space comparing with new install.
I am thinking that the system from my laptop kept old filesytems as backup or whatever.

The situation it’s similar with the case when I did a kernel compile (taking more space),but in that case I knew how to do,of course I erased the old configuration files,old kernel,old boot files/vmlinuz etc) after checking the new one kernel and boot from it ,ok status.
But in the update case I don’t know what should I do,because it’s the first time after manny years when I did a update ,not a new install(from scratch) and Suse 11.3 it 's after few days of releasing,and of course it can have some tricks.I assume that you did more updates install for OS than me .So I kindly ask you to advice me.Where shall I look and what shall I delete without affect the stability ,operatibilty ,boot of OS and security for my system existed on my laptop.Please,think 25 GB comparing with 10.6 GB.
It’s something,isn’t it?
I would like to have back my 10-12 GB in my hard disk as free space.

Thank you to all and please don’t laugh ,I don’t want to get problem If I do something wrong ,alone,that’s why I ask you to help me.

And I know I will get help.
Tank you from now.

I am talking about / partition ,(root partition),to be very clear.

Now maybe I am missing the boat here, but there does seem to be a difference in space used/reported depending on if you are a normal user (just open “My Computer” on the Desktop) or as a root user. Look at the space for / and /home as a normal user and then as root using this menu Run Command.

kdesu kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing sysinfo:/

On My computer as a normal user / = 13.6 GB and /home = 22.2 GB. However as a root user the same places say / = 7.6 GB and /home = 5.0 GB which is a big difference. Is this what you are looking at by chance? Perhaps this is some sort of KDE bug in 4.4.4.

Thank You,

and I am talking about root partition (/)

thank you
I am trying

I am from Ploiesti /Romania (black city,crude oil city for Romania)


finally I did I clean install,it’s ok now.