Updated flash shows the status of "vulnerable" in Firefox


I went to the website https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck in Firefox and found the result http://postimg.org/image/ee6byj2bp. It means I am having the latest flash installed. But still the status in Firefox comes “vulnerable”.

Why it is showing this odd behavior?


Because adobe dropped support for Linux and Android, hence it’s still at version 11.2 and not 11.9

You should be fine but consider using Chromium + Pepper flash from packman or Google Chrome

Ok fine. I install that one.

Apart from it, is there also any JRE (JAVA) plugin available for Chromium?

You might also want to look into viewtube + vlc plugin for firefox and/or pipelight if you dont like using chromium.

You need to install icedtea (I think the package is called icedtea-web in opensuse).

For some sites’ reasons, I had to uninstall icedtea and had to use JRE in Firefox and because of the same reason, I need to use JRE in chromium or a Firefox browser!

If possible, link us to a site that is troublesome with Java

Online Chess | Pogo.com

I see yes.
I never use stuff like that, it’s pretty horrible site.

You could install Sun Java from
Index of /repositories/home:/deltafox/openSUSE_13.1

Well, I also encountered this issue on two-three other websites but I don’t remember exactly.

Apart from it, you mean to add this repo and then install from YaST? In firefox, I already have. Are you talking for Chromium?

Add the repo yes
I have not tried it myself. For FFox yes, not sure about chromium

Apart from the initial load and confirmation sequence the game seemed to run fine, though, with Opera, icedtea and Flash 11.2.

But, I am in no position to tell if there was something missing, this was the first time I entered this site.

Don’t they still give security updates for it? :sarcastic:

That’s how I understand it

I have been playing chess on this site for years (whenever I get time). Earlier I used to play in Windows and now in openSUSE. Firefox never shows any issues with it (except sometimes showing the status of flash as vulnerable). Well, in Firefox, the only efforts you have to do is to uninstall Icedtea plugin and install the JRE one. Even with Opera, it goes on fine. But the problem comes when you talk of Chromium. I was never ever able to play chess successfully in Chromium!

If you come online (after getting logged-in), you can join me at http://www.pogo.com/friend/join.do?sn=phoenixchess provided I am online!

And yes, you are right, the site only needs some bandwidth efforts initially while loading and once you set the table, everything is fine!

Not familiar with Chromium or Chrome but try going into chrome://plugins and click the additional details button on the top right of the page. Then go disable the IcedTea plugin and enable the Oracle one.

Well, thanks for the tip, I checked it. And the JAVA is enabled but still I am not able to play. I now can say its a Chromium bug!

I wouldn’t be any competition I’m afraid, I haven’t played chess since I was a child.
Chess is, however, very much in the news in Norway these days, following Carlsen’s victory.

Thanks anyway:)

Before saying that, try it in chrome and see if it works there.

Said that only after implementation!! Else how could I know that…?