Updated Components for 42.3?

Hey all,

I am wondering - will 42.3 include an updated KDE and GNOME like how 42.2 did? My understanding is that KDE won’t have a new Plasma LTS by then, but there will be some feature releases by then. GNOME doesn’t have LTS, so wouldn’t it make sense to provide 3.22/3.24?

Also, will the kernel still get a step up? I don’t see any information off the roadmap or from a quick google.



I can’t speak about GNOME or the kernel, but KDE Plasma5 will stay at version 5.8.x (i.e. the current LTS) in 42.3. Qt5 (coming from SLE) will also stay at 5.6.x (LTS).

We will ship the latest KDE Applications though, 17.04, and update KDE Frameworks to 5.32.0.

So I guess a pretty minor update - without a new kernel would be just updated install media almost. This might be the first time I do a zypper dup on a production system if an upgrade is this trivial

I do use GNOME on another device if anyone knows, and have newish hardware with hopes of a new kernel helping things out

Btw, this has been posted on the opensuse-factory mailinglist today:

Particularly regarding your questions:

The kernel stays at 4.4 as planned but it got a whole bunch of bug fixes and backported features in 42.3.