Updated again?

Are the developers of youtube-dl really that active that they find something to fix and release an update every day? Or, are the updates not being delivered? Every day I’m being notified about updates and it seems youtube-dl is always included. What to do?

Put up with it.:stuck_out_tongue:

It probably has to do with dependencies and the way that “Makefile” works. If there’s a listed dependency that changes, then it has to be recompiled, even though the result might be identical to the previous version.

Yes, I see youtube-dl update more often than should be necessary. I also see that with other packman software. My current practice is to not update packman software unless there is also some openSUSE software (i.e. from standard repos) that needs updating.

Also I read somewhere that youtube is always changing something to discourage downloading, thus requiring the devs to update it frequently.

You can always block it in Yast Software Manager, if/when eventually it stop working, just update to the last version.

You sound like my wife! rotfl!

I guess that’s what I’ll do. Makes sense that some of the dependencies would change frequently. 'specially since youtube has gotten so nasty lately.


No, that’s rather unrelated to youtube, but more to how the package build system works.

Packages do get rebuilt whenever some other package they depend on is changed, to be sure everything continues to work.
And you get an update then (for youtube-dl e.g.) even if nothing has changed in that package itself.

Also, Packman builds against Leap:42.3:Update, so a standard update will cause a rebuild of Packman packages that depend on it, e.g. an official glibc od gcc (the C compiler) update in Leap 42.3 will cause all Packman packages to be rebuilt and delivered to you as update (without any change in Packman/those packages at all).

That said, youtube-dl in particular does indeed get frequent version updates: