Updated after 3-month hiatus; now all my PyCharm projects and PlayOnLinux virtual drives are gone!

Upon my return to this machine, my printer wasn’t working, so I figured I’d do an update before I tackled that. So I opened up the Package Updater and updated some 2,000+ packages. Then I fixed my printer problem, and opened up PyCharm to do some work… but all my projects were gone. Empty. Blank slate, except for my settings staying the same. Entire /home/PycharmProjects folder wiped clean.

Ok, so scratch that plan; guess I’ll boot up Photoshop via PlayOnLinux to do some pixel pushing instead. … WRONG! Same story with PlayOnLinux: everything’s entirely wiped.

What happened?

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
For Tumbleweed the only way to update is via the command line and using zupper dup… no package applets etc… just command line. Suggest you run that command and see how it does.

Many many things would have changed in three months for Tumbleweed (38 snapshots released since 22/11/17)…

Have no idea, but an update would not touch home directories… restore from your backup?

Like Malcolm says, an upgrade/update should never touch your homedir. Never has on my machines,