When I started with openSuse, in March of this year, the little updater applet would flash at me regularly, and and ask for permission to update/install, It sort of, I suppose just stopped (!) I don’t know why, but I assumed it was still working away, and auto-updating as it thought needed, and as my machine was working, I sort of forgot about it. If I clicked on it, it would say “checking for updates”.
Today, I was wandering around, lost, in YAST and hit the “update” button. At least an hour of “urgent” “needed” or “recommended” stuff came flooding in and installed, invoking a session restart and a system re-boot. Why would my little applet thing have stopped auto-updating? It obviously was not doing any such thing. Should I just get rid of it, if it is not working?, and manually invoke YAST when I think of it?

Sounds like it is working to me. I never use it myself. Do everything from software management, manually.

[edit] Sorry you mean you went to Updates in Yast. Did you check the configuration of the applet?

I’ve seen it do this myself - it ‘sticks’, and you have to ‘unstick’ it by manually updating. Personally, not trusting the thing, I just reasoned that if I have to remember to update every so often anyway, I’ll just turn it off, and develop that habit instead - and it hasn’t been a problem.

You could maybe rig up a cronjob that calls zypper every so often, if you aren’t happy with such a solution. Though I wouldn’t know how. :wink:

Now you are just taking the mickey now!:):):slight_smile:

I will just tell it not to start and remind myself to visit “planet Yast” from time to time…
TY for teh answers, anyway

I’m quite serious: I wouldn’t have a clue :slight_smile:

I’m just letting you know that it’s the sort of thing that sounds within the realm of possibility.


within the realm of possibility.

I am currently a bad odour on the forum, so I shall not finish my answer neither shall I ask any further question…


Try open yast2-software-online update configuration, you may need to un-check the box on automatic online update.

When you want to update manually you can use the terminal and type you

Thank-you for that little gem, conram, I never have heard of it, it goes straight into my “precious hints” file…

I must be learning the “language” of suse the wrong way, or upside-down…
Honestly; thank-you…

I was just now re-reading yesterday’s correspondence, and realised that my reply might have been interpreted as being sarcastic or “ironic”. It was NOT, I have honestly never before come across the cmd “you”, and I genuinely think that it is one of the handiest tips ever! Rep points to conram!

I just tried this and got an “ERK!” message, I guess because of the update servers being off-line atm???
I will leave alone until Monday…

Hi wakou,

I didn’t find it sarcastic or offensive. It’s not a problem. Thanks for appreciating my tiny contribution to your file.