Update with zypper or YAST?


I have noticed that when I try to update system with YAST it tells me that there are some problems with dependencies (for example with dice), but when I use “zypper update” everything works fine :expressionless:
What type of packages updating is recommended?

  • rozbarwinek,

there’s no recommendation I’m aware of. If you want a GUI tool, use Yast; if you want the command line, use zypper.
If zypper works better for you, use zypper.


OK, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Since 11.1 you need to do ‘zypper patch’ to get YaST’s ‘install patches’ behavior.
‘zypper up’ installs the best versions if possible. If there’s a conflict, ‘zypper up’ will just don’t do the update.