update with zypper: could not find libflashrom

Hello all,
normally I update with zypper dup and it works well.
Since many days I cannot complete the installation receiving

Retrieving: libflashrom1-1.2-65.10.x86_64.rpm ............................................[not found] 
File './x86_64/libflashrom1-1.2-65.10.x86_64.rpm' not found on medium 'https://download.opensuse.org/

If I have a look at the repository configured under the folder for my architecture x86_64, I find nothing but


which is in fact newer.
Maybe this difference is immaterial but hinders zypper to update.
Who can help? How to notify the responsible?



zypper lr -d

Maybe you have not enabled the refresh of that Repo.

Please use Code-Tags:

This was really the case… THANK YOU!
But still i dont understand the true version really is not in the repo.
Is it so that it tries to install a version not compatible with the repo?

The Filesnames-Versions are stored in a cache on your PC, when you added the Repo, refresh the Repo…
libflashrom1-1.2-65.10.x86_64.rpm was an older File, its now: