Update to newest Gnome without updating the OS

I recently discovered there is a memory leak with my Gnome version 3.26.2 and there is a fix in the latest version. Is there anyway to update to the latest version without updating the whole OS?

Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know any easy way to add the latest Gnome to Leap 15.0 and I see that the just released Leap 15.1 is still at Gnome 3.26.
You may try Tumbleweed with Gnome 3.32 currently; besides that, there are also experimental repos for Gnome on Tumbleweed, please see https://en.opensuse.org/GNOME_repositories
But please be aware that the use of those experimental repos is discouraged unless you know what you are doing, see this thread for instance: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/535374-How-do-I-update-to-Gnome-3-32

You should open openSUSE bug report and point to upstream commit that fixes it. Chances are it can be backported.

Thanks for the suggestion. Someone already submitted a bug report and a solution is updating gjs and libgjs0 from the Tumbleweed repository. I updated libgjs0 without updating the dependencies and could not get in to Gnome so if anyone wants to update those 2 packages please update the dependencies as well.