Update to 15.1 loads wrong Nvidia driver.

During my recent update from 15.0 using the DVD interface, I changed the Nvidia repository to the 15.1 version and kept the repository active so that my Nvidia driver would be updated. In 15.0, I was using the G05 driver which is the appropriate driver for my GTX750Ti, a 700 series card. Everything seemed to go well and the video seemed to work fine. However, when I checked in Yast, I found that the update program had loaded the G04 driver rather than the G05 driver. I had to uninstall the G04 driver, reboot, and install the G05 driver which works perfectly. Is there some reason why the update program would have downgraded my driver?

You can also use the G04 driver, it is also for the G7 cards.

In the old system where you using GO4 an upgrade would not change that since it is really a user choice And it is flavor not a version.

I was using 05 in the old system. If they are flavors, is there an advantage to using G04 over G05?

In some cases for some cards. In any case I have not seen a noticeable difference for my 630 card If running 1000+ cards then yes must use 05