Update to 11 from LiveCD ?

I recently setup a test machine using the 10.3 base cd as this pc does not have a dvd drive only a cd.
Not sure if I have missed anything but I cannot find the upgrade option as per the install instructions on the 11 LiveCD.

There is no base cd download for version 11 so I assumed the Live and Base cd’s had been combined in 11. I have stepped through the live install cd to a point where it wants to repartition my drive to run 11 along side 10.3 and I quit as I want to upgrade.

I have successfully upgraded my other pc a notebook which has a dvd drive from 10.3 to 11 using the 11 DVD which does have the Upgrade install option. Can anyone suggest a work around, would the network install perhaps have an upgrade option.

Update is only available from the DVD; I assume that, if you downloaded the DVD iso, you could update from it.

Depending on your set up, you may find it quicker and easier to backup /home and any files in /etc which you have modified and do a clean CD install followed by adding the remaining programs you want from the repositories. Update tends to take a lot longer than a clean install.

Thanks for the clarification John.

Yes I have upgraded my notebook successfully with the dvd iso, worked like a treat. Glad to see the improvements to Network Manager and that it did not trash my wifi/ndiswrapper settings.

However my second pc an IBM ThinkCentre desktop is equipped only with a propriety cd drive. I have painstakenly got wifi working on this via ndiswrapper also, dont want to trash that.
I have also successfully got it duel booting 10.3 and Vista home edition, do not want to do a clean install.
From what I seen 11 is a great distro, cant help but think dvd upgrade only option is moving down the same path of that non linux os vendor. What about the many users in countries with low band width. I will see how I go booting from usb as a work around.

Here is my work around for those of without a DVD and or network on the pc being upgraded (WiFi not supported etc)

No base 11 cd and no update option from the Live cd :mad: After trial and error I downloaded the 11 net install cd and booted, noted it did have an upgrade option. Had already downloaded the 11 dvd and used it to upgrade my notebook successfully. I got a usb drive and copied the entire contents of the dvd to a folder “openSUSE”. I booted from the net cd as the pc could not connect to the network, wifi not supported. I noted the cd went into manual mode and gve me the option select a hard drive location for the repository. Did a reboot from the cd and as it was rebooting connected the usb drive and it mounted that as well during the boot. When the install went to manual mode I selected the mounted Windows usb drive, for the directory prompt I entered /openSUSE. The net install cd used the usb drive as its source and upgraded the pc to 11;)


Way to go kim1. Darn clever!!! :slight_smile: