Update to 11.2 RC2 from 11.1 failed


I updated IBM T60 laptop from 11.1 with kde3 to 11.2 RC2 with default settings. Everything seemed to go ok but after finalizing reboot I noticed that in graphical mode keyboard doesn’t work, usb mouse doesn’t work and pointer “button” doesn’t work.Touch pad works.If i try to run sax from console login only button that works is power button and even touch pad doesn’t work. Same situation applies to fail safe mode.

After console login keyboard works. I haven’t yet had a time to go through config files but there’s definetly something wrong after update.

Do bear in mind that this is what it says: a release candidate. If you have identified particular problems, go on Bugzilla and see if they are known problems or ones people haven’t picked up.

Try changing from kernel-desktop to kernel-default. Can be done through ‘yast’ from the console.