Update then will not boot. Superblock lost sdc and sdd

I just let the system run a recommended update. On reboot it will not continue and stops at emergency mode. I can login with root and run startx. Ice opens, but I have no network.

Fdisk -l shows that it has “lost” two hard drives, sdc and sdd. Both were bought last year. They had been running fine before this update and reboot.

I believe the same thing happened last summer after a regular update like this. That’s when I bought the two new hard drives. The final solution was to reinstall. Hopefully there is a fix this time.

I read about a super block repair option but could use some help if that may be the next step. Thanks in advance

Superblock problems won’t cause “/dev/sdc” and
“dev/sdd” to disappear. It’s more likely that there is a hardware problem, or that the newest kernel does not recognize the devices.

Have you tried booting an older kernel?

I did try moving to a previous kernel but it still didn’t work and I’m not sure why. I ended up modifying the fstab and remarking out the partitions pointing to those hard drives. I’m able to at least use the computer again.

Why would the kernel not recognize a hard drive? My guess is it may have more to do with the bus connection or something about how they are connected. There are a total of four hard drives on my computer, the last two are the ones that disappeared. I’ll look into it more as I have time.

Please, when discussing and trying to analyze this issue, mark the difference between the disk (sdx and sdd) and about the superblocks, which are the key starting points of file systems.

Thus when the system does not see the disk at all, it is impossible you get any message about corrupted superblocks. So when you get messages about superblocks, at least the system tries to mount the file systems and thus “knows” about the disks (or even the partitions of the disks) where those file systems are on.

BTW you talk about “Fdisk -l shows …”, but please we only can follow such stories when you copy/paste the command and the output in a post.