Update the Repositories?

Hi folks, I just installed OpenSuse 11.3 and I’m running Gnome. I used to use Ubuntu but the 64 bit version seems buggy.
So here I am running OpenSuse 64 bit on a Dell D620.

I am trying to install software like audacity and handbrake. Where do I add the repository information?

Add the Packman repository.

Additional package repositories - openSUSE

Repositories can be managed in Yast, or through the terminal with zypper. For information, see


You add Software Repositories then search for Software in Software Management, all done from YaST.


The above listing are the four main pages that list repositories. You select a server location for the version of openSUSE that you are using, for the software type you want, copy the URL and go into YaST / Software Repositories and then add it and give it a name.

We suggest that once you get the software you want, disable any added repositories over the standard ones added for you.

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