Update splash screen at shutdown (without updating)

I have this curious issue on a Dell Latitude E5470 with an up-to-date Tumbleweed Gnome, since several weeks now, and I have difficulties to troubleshoot it.
Most of the time (but not always), the update splash screen appears for about 2 minutes when I shut down the laptop, even though I have not installed any update.
Do you have any idea where it could come from? There is no auto-update process that I am aware of.
Thank you!

Hi @Emnhit ,

What do you see in your screen when you press the ESC-key on the keyboard. It may give you clue what is causing the delay.

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Post the output of sudo journalctl -eb -1 | tail -n1000.
This should show what caused the delay during the last shutdown.

I’m not a Gnome user, though I do have it installed for occasional testing.

It is my impression that “Gnome Software” automatically checks for updates, and downloads them ready for installing. And then it installs during shutdown. You should be able to configure it to not do this with “dconf-editor”.

No, system is rebooted into special update target and automatically reboots into the standard default target after having installed updates.

Thank you for your replies. I can confirm pressing ESC that updates are indeed being installed, and that it happens at reboot after shutting down. I didn’t know that Gnome was capable of auto-update, thank you for the explanation!

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