Update Server for SuSE 9.3


Yes I know: SuSE 9.3 is loooong out-dated. But there are several older servers running under even older OSes (we have them down to 8.2) - and the’yre running perfectly stable and doing their job. So, why upgrade?

However, when you - rarely! - install additional RPMs on such old systems, it might happen, that there were updates for them. We’re using “fou4s” instead of “you”, so it still knows that there are updates for several packages in the list.

But there are no update servers available for older SuSE releases any more. 10.2 was the oldest I found at ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/suse/update/.

Are the older update packages still available anywhere?

I believe, we’r not the only people out there happily working with older SuSE releases. We’re ISP. We would install SuSE mirrors for all the older releases. …if somebody digs out the old update files.

So, please help!

regards from Vienna, Austria,

i found updates and successfully updated my 9.3 from here.