Update ruby to 1.9 from repository

The ruby version on the Oss repository for 11.2 is still 1.8 when ruby 1.9 has been released for almost a year now.

Any idea if the package is going to get an update ?
If not, any other repo i can download ruby 1.9 ?


Possibly because lots of gems are not 1.9 ready yet.

isitruby19.com • Community-powered gem compatibility for ruby 1.9

And it would also mean moving to rails 2.3. A lot of sites are not ready for that yet.

Ruby on Rails 2.3 Release Notes

You could build your own ruby base from source. It looks like that will actually be the least of your problems if you use gems.

Index of /repositories/devel:/languages:/ruby/openSUSE_Factory/x86_64

That’s true. Probably when most gems are 1.9 ready the package will be updated.

Why is that ? AFAIK Rails 2.3 works just fine with ruby 1.8. In fact, the current available package of rails 2.3 in the oss repo depends on ruby 1.8.

Thanks, but if i install the ruby19 package from that repo i still have to have ruby 1.8 because the rails package depends on it.

You realise of course for a production site, it may be well and fine to say, the release notes promise us that rails 2.3 will work fine with ruby 1.8 but it still requires testing to check that all your rails code works fine moving from 2.2 to 2.3 or worse 2.1 to 2.3. These things cannot be taken for granted. Of course if you are writing new code, then you can start using the latest release.

hi there
can i get ruby 1.9 for opensuse 11.3 from here

that would be great!

See Ruby 1.8.7: how to get the newest version now!?

No need to ask that twice.

Hi lOtz1009

thx for the help!