Update repos down?

Trying to zypper patch on 15.2 and find that only optional patches are presented and “nothing else to do”. It’s been a week since I patched the system. I’ve never, ever seen this except during the few minutes after doing a patch:

Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Patch 'openSUSE-2021-744-1' is optional. Use 'zypper in patch:openSUSE-2021-744' to install it, o
r '--with-optional' to include all optional patches.
Patch 'openSUSE-2021-1007-1' is optional. Use 'zypper in patch:openSUSE-2021-1007' to install it,
 or '--with-optional' to include all optional patches.
Resolving package dependencies...
Nothing to do.

There been no important updates since mid July so it’s not surprising.

Bug fixes and stuff usually pick up during August/September when people get back from their vacations.

My last patching was last Tuesday.

I checked for you with YaST > Online Update. Empty!

And the fact that you get an answer means that the repos are up. Else you would have got an error.

I just checked out the update repo in the web browser and see that the latest revisions were on 24 July. Apparently we’re supposed to upgrade to 15.3? I thought the EOL was in December.

Just be patient. There will be more updates.

I wouldn’t worry too much. As Miuku said, it’s holiday season. And I think it’s not unusual that patches get less the more the system matured. Package updates are there, nevertheless. Did you try

zypper up


zypper up will not give you more then zypper patch when you restrict yourself to the standard repos. It will however update from nonstandard repos like Packman, but that was not the original question.