Update problems

When i was about to update it came up:

DBus error : Unable to get transaction id from packagekit.

Then it asked if i will start YaST and install the updates manual and i then took OK and this came up?

DBus error : Unable to get transaction id from packagekit.

RimFrost, we need more information. How were you trying to update, using zypper, yast, or other? What was the output before the dbus message? What version of openSUSE were you trying to update and to what? Be verbose, we can filter out what isn’t needed. Many tend to bypass messages that don’t have relevant info.

Post more info and we’ll try to help.


If you have read my signature you had known what openSUSE version i run. It stands there.

To start with, it seems that the updater applet cant scan/download updates.

It tells me that there is updates available for the system and when i click the icon for the updater applet and try to start update the message starts to appear as i told you. I did try to restart the system to see if there where any more messages that came, but no only this:

DBus error : Unable to get transaction id from packagekit.

And there isnt any other messages!
It just tells me the message above when i click the updater applet icon and will try to start update the system.

I have post the rong message from the updater applet exactly as it appears.
If it had been more messages i had posted them.

Just a passing thought: sometimes over the years in various versions of openSUSE when the updater applet plays up for me I use yast instead and that seems to fix the situation. I goto Yast → software → online update and run it from there. Then the applet seems to correct itself.

Maybe that will fix it for you, maybe it won’t, worth a try.

Ok thanks.

I did try that now and when i go YaST >> Software >> Online Update
another message comes up from Kdialog:

Error while creating client module online_update

And nothing happens? My opeSUSE system is new-installed, i did a clean fresh install of it yesterday, at first the updates worked fine and out of nowhere this error messages start to came :frowning:

However after google the problem i came across this link: [Bug 551648] kupdateapplet fails with "DBus error : Unable to get transa](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2009-11/msg00088.html)

This dude seems to have the same problem as me with this “DBus error”. Dont know if any solution is in the link, i dont understand german that good.

You can use swerdna’s advice using the ncurses version of Yast. Just open a terminal and type

sudo yast



It will ask for root password


You have to use tab to navigate through but I’ve never had a failure using this version of Yast.

Take Care,


I try it now and navigate to “Online Update” and its the same error message even in the terminal:

# yast
Error while creating client module online_update

Then i try to go to Add/Remove Software (its the second option in the list) and it gave me:

# yast
Error while creating client module sw_single

On Online Update Configuration it was:

# yast
error while creating client module online_update_configuration

Im starting to think that YaST might be broken?

I did a new install of it, so now it seem to work as it shall again.

That does sound like an injury in Yast’s sotware management module.

Perhaps the result of getting a dependency issue wrong, or of attaching the wrong repository, or a hiccup in downloads/power during the installation.

Anyway, great it’s going now after the reinstall.