Update problems (with PackageKit?)

Yesterday I made a fresh install of Leap 15.3. Everything went all right, after that I could add my repositories and configure the system to my wishes.
So far, so good.
Today I tried to update the system with sudo zypper up. The answer was something like PackageKit is busy, give him the time. Nothing new, this happened also under previous releases. Usually it took a few minutes before I could try zypper again and update the system.
Now, after three hours, still the same message. As a solution, I killed the packagekitd process and tried again. No succes and no message to explain why.
I tried also via Yast2 and the result is the same.
Has someone else experienced the same problems with the update process?

Apparently there are problems with the update applets and packagekit linked to incorrect patches.
If packagekit refuses to quit try:

su -
<root password>
killall packagekitd
zypper up

“zypper up” should work as expected, refrain from using “zypper patch” until things are sorted out.

Stop spreading yet another FUD about packagekit. There is enough misinformation already.

refrain from using “zypper patch” until things are sorted out.

if the problem is with “update applets and packagekit” why suddenly “zypper patch” has the same problem?

Upon graphical login to KDE the software updater in the system tray will start zypper in the background as a backend to package kit. Wait until software updater terminates. Zypper locks out a second instance whenever one is already running. You may deactivate software updater in the system tray settings or configure it according to your needs: popups - How can I disable software update notifications in kde/plasma - Super User

I do and did not use zypper patch, so this will probably not be the problem.
I already tried to kill the packagekit process and do a zypper up, and it did not work, else I would not have asked my questions :slight_smile:

OK, problem solved, one of my repositories seemed not to be accessible.
I disabled this repository and then everything went all right.

Also, this was not a problem linked to Packagekit

Sorry, I may have misunderstood something about currently reported problems (e.g. here ) or technical bits (e.g. 1186593 – Leap 15.3 is missing Backports update and SLE Update repo definitions )
Also, being denied access to possibly related bugs like this one doesn’t help.

When in trouble always use the command line first and paste here what you are seeing:

**erlangen:~ #** **systemctl start packagekit-background.service**  
**erlangen:~ #** **zypper dup** 
PackageKit is blocking zypper. This happens if you have an updater applet or other software 
management application using PackageKit running. 
We can ask PackageKit to interrupt the current action as soon as possible, but it depends on 
PackageKit how fast it will respond to this request. 
**Ask PackageKit to quit? [yes/no] (no): **
System management is locked by the application with pid 23721 (/usr/libexec/packagekitd).
Close this application before trying again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
**erlangen:~ #**