Update problems... No sound, no USB...

Hi there!
Yesterday i used my PC normally: I used it for browse Internet, hear some music and so on. And some updates were installed.
But today, I started my PC and no sound and I cannot mount USB devices either.
Can you help me?
(I don’t know what information can help to solve the problem.)
thank you very much.

A known issue with the kernel update, roll back to the previous version or use the test one until the new update appears.

See https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse/2016-10/msg00739.html

Thank you very much, for your answer.

But I beg your pardon… How I roll back to the previous kernel?

You can boot via advanced options in grub would be the easiest way, else in YaST Software Management search on your kernel name (kernel-default?) and select the versions tab and select the previous version and it should switch back.

Go to yast - Software management and remove the newest one. Use the version tag at bottom right

Thank you very much! I could to roll back to a kernel previous version.