Update on Intel graphics driver and Flash full-screen freeze (Bug)

On openSUSE 11.3, users of the “intel” graphics driver have been experiencing full-screen lockup/freeze with Flash and internet video streaming, although sound continues normally. Switching to the "intellegacy driver has provided some users with a temporary workaround. Since there have been several threads involving that, I thought it best to provide an update on the latest situation as a new thread.

Some users, including me, installed the latest kernel-desktop from OBS Kernel:HEAD (2.3.36-90.1), but no change for this problem with “intel” driver.

However, I just updated to the latest version of the kernel firmware package (kernel-firmware-20100617-24.2.noarch), and noticed an improvement. Before that, full-screen locked-up immediately on switching. With the newer version, full-screen carries on for a few more minutes before locking up, possibly due to DPMS kicking in to blank the display. So after disabling “display power management” in KDE’s System Settings>Power Management, Flash full-screen ran for more than 30 minutes without freezing. This approach seems to provide a workaround that keeps “intel” in place as the preferred default driver.

Does this work (or not) for anyone else using “intel” driver who updated to the 2.6.36-90.1 desktop kernel?

Subsequently, on checking bug #641908, I see that is now closed although there is no reference to any fix for 11.3’s distributed packages. Refer to Comments 24, 25, and 26. In addition to updating kernel to 2.6.36-90.1 (as above), the fix described there also requires updating xorg-x11 packages (including drivers) from another OBS repo as described in Comment 24. I haven’t tried this yet, but it may avoid having to disable DPMS (see above). Has anyone tried this fix, and with what result?