Update of Urban Terror failed for "Installation aborted by user"


my detail of the error is “Installation aborted by user” but I don’t make anything after the start of the upadate.

Packets are “urban terror” and “urban terror data”. I have tryed to install them in different times (first one and later a second one), but the erro persist.

I’d like to know if I can disinstall them but what voice of YAST i have to select in the packet manager? Delete ?

Thank you for the time.



I think it’s a memory space not enough. I will make the question in the corresponding section.


What exactly is your problem? You’re description is not really clear.

I think you mean this:
You get an update notification for urban-terror by your desktop’s software updater. When you try to install it, you get the error “Installation aborted by user”.
Is that correct?

Well, try to run “sudo zypper up” to install the update, you should get a more detailed error message then.

What might help is your repo list:

zypper lr -d

And mentioning which openSUSE version you use is not a bad idea either most of the time… :wink:

You can uninstall urban-terror using YaST, and yes, you have to choose “Delete” for that. Or “sudo zypper rm urbanterror urbanterror-data”.

If you really are too low on disk space (well, especially urbanterror-data is big, the compressed rpm package has 1.8 GiB), you might be able to clean up some (/var/log/, /var/cache/, /tmp/, and /var/tmp/ are good candidates), or enlarge your / partition.
But I agree that a new thread in the appropriate forum would be better suited to discuss that.