Update of Openssh 5.1 on SuSe 10.2 linux server

I have openssh version 4.xx on our linux server installed. To get more security I would like to install/update this version with openssh 5.1. Which steps should i do…please in details . Thanks for help

I’ve never installed a server myself, so I’ll just assume you don’t have a desktop environment installed; if you do, the steps to take are the same anyway – only nicer looking.
So, you first become root (command su, enter root password). Then, you issue yast. When YaST fires up, select Software/Install and Remove Software. On the screen that now opens, you select Filter (Alt-F) and Search. In the search field you type openssh. If you have Internet and all the default SuSE repositories configured, YaST will list your installed openssh packages; if you don’t, just have an OpenSuSE DVD or CD ready and add it to your repositories. It’s good to use the View menu (Alt-v) to get additional info on the packages. Anyway, you then select Actions (Alt-t) and update. YaST will list any necessary dependencies that need to be installed and ask you to confirm the update. That’s it.
The same thing – basically – can be achieved by simply selecting Software/Online Update instead of Software/Install and Remove Software on the initial screen.
Hope this helps.