update issues

Hi all,

Just started SUSE 11.1 for the first time, and it looks great, but I have some issues updating. Never really had to deal with this before. The update applet opens in detailed view and I am able to select packages, and hit Install. It disappears, and the applet icon at the bottom of the screen on hover shows ‘Updating’, but each time I click it I’m back to square one selecting packages, and if I leave it alone it doesn’t ever seem to finish updating. No status bar, konsole output or anything useful like that to show me what might be the kink.

I’m not new to linux, but all my distro’s up to this point have used Gnome and so KDE is an alien world to me… any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



I had that problem awhile back and if I remember correctly, running “Online Update” through Yast fixed the problem.

I always turn the updater off. Right click on it, click options. You will find an option that’s ticked saying Start updater on login. Untick that, OK. Right click the updater icon again and quit it.

You can update your system from Yast - Software. It will probably bring in some fixes for the updater itself as well.