Update intel drivers

Im a newbie just installed suse12 kde and I like,I figured out how to get on the wed with the wireless,but am wandering on how I update the drivers on my intel mobile 965 display adapter.

It seems that the browsing scrolling is very jerky,thats how I can describe it.

The driver is built in, no need to update
I use the same Intel chip and it works perfectly

If you have a low end specification you may need to disable desktop effects

Also some users find in Firefox > edit > Prefs > Advanced > General
Uncheck autosroll and smoothcroll

Thanks,so I would assume intel dont plan to upgrade the firmware for the chip in this distro.

I really was surprised that it worked with my everex stepnote notebook without having to install proper drivers,to get it working.

I think I am going to keep opensuse 12 on this machine.