Update has Broken Multiboot System. Now just get "Grub" on screen.

The machine is set up for multi boot, either Windoze 7, ECS or Opensuse 13.2. The machine is mainly for the accounting system which must run on windoze. Occasionally I boot to 13.2 to update as this is “spare” linux system. The last update has broken the booting process and leaves me with just the word Grub on screen.
I do not have a bootable CD for whole system or a live CD, only the network install CD which boots fine. (There is no DVD drive)
I have found in the forum instructions for reinstalling Grub but these include grub2-mkconfig. If I run this will it pick up the multi-boot options or should I not run this but just install Grub.
Sadly I cannot include here the results of fdisk -l but have run it to find out which partition was my original root.
Some guidance would be appreciated before I screw things up even more!

grub2-mkconfig is not required to reinstall grub. It will pick existing grub.cfg as long as you tell it during install (grub2-install) where /boot directory is located.

The latter is very unlikely, i.e. that an update of 13.2 has broken it. Except if you have special hardware for graphics. How old is your hard disk? What hardware are you using for graphics/video? There have been updates for the Kernel from time to time.

Hi and thank you both for the replies. I afaik it was the update process but there were very many removals required before it would proceed.
The bottom line is that rather than spend time trying to reinstate 13.2 I decided to install 42.1 which went well and has now finished updating after network install.
Only trouble is that I do not have the multi boot option. Will start a new thread if needed after reading up on how to put humpty back together again.
Many thanks once more.