update from suse ver 11.0 to 11.1

I’m novice in Linux world, some weeks ago i start with wind pc.
Problem as follow:
I’ve installed open suse ver. 11.0 I got from ct magazine. Now i bought ver. 11.1 on disk, starting installation the computer blocked with “kernel panic”

how to overcome???


Have you tried the media verification option?

It’s rather unusual to have a kernel panic, rather than problems caused by missing (or failing) drivers, on install.

May be the disk is not getting read cleanly for some reason. As 11.0 run stably I think RAM errors are unlikely to be the cause.

kernel panic is Not that uncommon actually. Sorry to disagree - Try


and or


Failing any joy there

Hit F3 at the boot screen and select text mode or press and hold Shift on the keyboard when booting the installation media. This starts the text-mode boot menu also

I try this with same results than before!!

Now i keep the running Ver. 11.0 and remember the old story since Windows 95: don’t touch running system.


Good choice!

As long as 11.0 meets your needs, go ahead. I’ve got 11.1 working after starting in text mode and chose the failsafe option. I guess, “nodma” did its job fine with my dvd drive at setup.

And found KDE4 has the same annoying bugs as ever before (smb share interface does not work with utf8 filenames, plasma crashes, when I put smb share icons on desktop).

Maybe the c’t Suse 11.1 (coming soon: 02.02.09) is as easy going as the 11.0 edition has been.


i try again, the solution was to change in 32 bit version!!

It’s running fine.