Update from clean install of 13.1 - screen blacks out after seeng the startup KDE icons -

I can install everything fine…fresh partitions, new hard drive, all works well, go inside to /desktop config/start up and disable the apper as the updater…go to Yast and Update through that, everything seems to update fine…reboots and starts to load the kde startup icons…gets to the second to last icon…screen flickers and the then goes black.

I don’t know what to do next but to reload everything again…and just don’t update.

whats a good way around this without reloading?

Probably a graphics driver issue.
Try to boot to “Recovery mode” (“Advanced Options” in the boot menu). Does it work then?

What graphics card do you have and did you install any additional drivers?

Im installing it on my sons computer and he just left to get some burgers…He said he restarted the reinstall already and left it running …im guessing its going to do the exact same thing soon as we run the update again…we did try and use the recovery option and it went to the same end…blank screen…

soon as we get the install finished ill go ahead and check the Graphic card information in the hardware information in Yast…
ill get that info before we try and update…

thanks for you reply…will be back shortly