update from 42.1 to 42.3 ends in not booting system

I think if you could get arvidjaar to look at this thread he could tell what’s wrong in a few seconds. I’m not sure what I see, but what I think I see is GPT HD partitioning configured for CSM booting, while the notebook BIOS acts as though your GPT disk is configured for UEFI booting even though there is no ESP partition present. If I’m right, I expect boot from HD should be possible with a change in a BIOS setting that is currently preventing attempt to CSM boot.

Thank you for your analysis. What or Who is arvidjaar?

That’s the way i see it as well.

Looks like the OPs UEFI is configured to boot in UEFI-mode. But that cannot work because there is no EFI system partition.

Switching the UEFI to CSM-mode (aka Legacy- or BIOS-mode) probably will not work either because GRUB2 needs re-configuration.

So first thing to know is which mode (UEFI or CSM) OP wants to use for booting.



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