Update from 11.0 to 11.1 without doing a large download


I have tried to search the forums but could not find a suitable solution.:

I have OpenSUSE 11.0 64bit which i had updated from 10.3 64 bit using a DVD install. Its on dual boot with windows.
I want to update to 11.1 64 bit without having to do a large download of whole DVD as my speed is only 10 KBPS.
If someone can answer a few Q’s for me to help I will be thankfull:

Can i install (most necessary software) with a CD instead of DVD?

Is there a delta iso from 11.0 DVD 64 bit to 11.1 DVD 64 bit? or rsync? or something else that would reduce my download size?

Would you suggest a clean install or update?

What else do i need to be carefull about?

I would be glad if u could point me in the right direction

Unfortunately all packages change between releases so you would end up downloading and upgrading pretty much everything that is installed. Unless you have a real need for 11.1 why not just stay with 11.0? It’s still got quite a bit of life left.

Otherwise maybe you can get someone near you with a fast connection to make you a copy of the DVD.

You can also just do a Net install, downloading an 90MiB iso file to burn, and then just download the packages he actually uses.

But I agree, 11.1 isn’t sold yet, and 11.0 will be supported for quite a while, so what features are required to justify the effort.

narendrad73 wrote:
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> I want to update to 11.1 64 bit without having to do a large download
> of whole DVD as my speed is only 10 KBPS.

Sounds like ISDN… Welcome to my nightmare… :slight_smile:

I never d/l an installation ISO. (Well, that is not technically true, as I
did d/l a network install ISO once.) It simply takes much too long. If I
attempt to d/l a full DVD at ISDN speed, a much better solution always
becomes available long before the d/l finishes! I simply have the
installation DVD snail mailed to me! (Does anybody remember snail mail?!?)

For example, the installation DVD is already available from my favorite
source: http://www.pctech101.com/
openSUSE 11.1 DVD - $6.99, free shipping in US
Several CD and DVD options are already available. The dual layer DVD
containing the non-OSS stuff will be available in January.

(No affiliation, BTW, just a very satisfied customer.)

As already mentioned, using the network install media (the “mini-iso”) to upgrade is the leanest method. There is a similar alternative - an “in-place” upgrade. There are instructions in an old (but still accurate) Novell CoolTip. Essentially, in your openSUSE you turn off the 11.0 repo’s and add the corresponding 11.1 repo’s. Then in YaST Software Management filter on repositories and select @System to get a list of everything installed on your machine. Right-click, select “Update everything in this list with a newer version”, and that will be the upgrade. And you can add or remove packages there, as long as dependencies are met. Of course, the size of the download will strictly be a function of what you currently have installed. I have used this method numerous times over the years. The caveat is that the DVD installation program can help with e.g. implementing a major kernel or configuration change; that may or may not be done by simply upgrading the package. So I don’t encourage this method unless the user has some comfort getting under-the-hood to tweak things if necessary from the command line.