Update for playonlinx package

I’ve noticed that these 3 lib’s are missing from the official package,

 	 	 	   libtxc_dxtn – S3TC compression 32 bit

libSM.so.6 – Allows playonlinux to create 32 bit virtual drives

Mesa-demo-x – add’s glxinfo

I use the open-source radeon graphics on 13.1, playonlinux won’t function correctly without these three libs.

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You don’t say if you are running 64 bit OS??? If so as a general rule the 32 bit libraries are not installed by default

32 bit lib’s are needed to run wine programs such as league of legends or steam. I am running 64 bit

Right on a 64 bit install not all 32 bit libs are installed by default. If you need them you have to install them.