Update fails during unstall

On 2 machines, when installing 11.1, when it comes to the online update part where it asks if you want to run the online update, I get an error about being unable to connect to the internet. I click OK and it then downloads some repo stuff and we got to the update Yast screen. I click the go ahead and it installs the 1st round and then goes back for the second round and none of these will install saying that it cannot find these updates and I have to skip through all of them.

Now I have tried selecting all updates form the 1st go around update and the 1st round updates will install, all the ones that would in the 2nd, I must skip as they fail.

Very annoying…

Any thoughts? and thanks

Michael Nunneley

I think the work around is to uncheck the remember password option for updates.
Yast needs to rebuild the installed file list after each update and if there is more than one for a package, it doesn’t recognise it till the list has been updated.