Update error

I have a strange update error today: “Permission to access ‘http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_15.2/repodata/respomd.xml’ denied”
I looked for other packman URLs but had already problems finding them on the openSUSE website. Finally I found one musing startpage: https://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/packman/suse/openSUSE_Leap_$releasever/Essentials’ with the error message 404 Not Found. So I have 2 questions:
Why did the updates work and they are now suddenly denied?
Where is a link on the openSUSE site for packman repos (different than the two not working)?

Did you see the announcement about packman moving today?

See http://packman.links2linux.org/mirrors

Thank you, malcolmlewis, I didn’t get this announcement. This is probably the reason as well why my Tumbleweed machine reported 48 update errors and wanted to switch packages to opnSUSE repos. I postponed the update…
So I presume it will be up again tomorrow. Nevertheless the packman mirror list should be on the openSUSE website or is it just hidden there?

Not really it’s a third party provider and due to the nature of the packages rebuilt there it requires separation :wink:

20210228 09.36 GMT

  1. I understand packman repository is “moving”. But update in YaST fails as noted.
  2. For the ignorant.
    How do I point my YaST repository at the correct place for Packman updates? for LEAP 15.2 .

Please detail for the totally ignorant, because i usually just point to community and packman.
Please detail exactly how to solve this problem.

3 A reference to a mirror does not mean anything to me.

4, Has change been done yet?

Sorry to be ignorant, but some of us are just users.

Disable the Packman Repo:

zypper mr -d -F http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_15.2/

Add an mirror:

zypper ar -f -p 20 https://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/packman/suse/openSUSE_Leap_15.2/ packman-rwth

20210228 10.07 GMT thanks for your very speedy response.

I do not use Zypper , but update through YaST.
I have disabled the packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap15.2. in YaST.

I have pointed YaST repository to URL (the first one in list of mirrors in Germany given in another answer, to same problem)

I have enabled this repository with priority 90

Is this sufficient or should I change to Aachen mirror ? and if so how?

You are teaching new things to a very old dog with little command line experience. (YaST since SuSE 9)
Thank for your help in advance.

I have used zypper because its easier to get it working as saying klick here, klick there, use this URL…

zypper and Yast-Software Repositories are doing the same, so its your turn…

Use the mirror you think, I use this mirror.

Thank you for your help.
I understand zipper CLI way, but I cannot teach this to other folk (mostly 70 age and above) as they only use GUI ways.

Why I was intrigued is your link went to a “https://ftp” site while I note in YaST the sites are only “http://”.

Is it safer to switch to the site you show, do they have a https:// site link for html or only https://ftp site? AND
will a ftp site work inside YaST?

Answers will help me teach others I have put on openSUSE Leap 15.2 (or rather LEAP 15.0, then 15.1 and currently 15.2)
Thanks in advance.

I think you confused yourself. The part 'https://" defines the protocol tp be used. What comes after it ‘ftp.gwdg.de’ is a host-domainname and the ‘ftp’ is the hostname there. That can be anything (well, there is a restricted character set). They could have called it blababla.gwdg.de, but they choose ftp.gwdg.de. (probably because the system also provides ftp:// protocol or did that earlier, but that is only my guess).

Zypper/YaST supports http as well as https protocol (and more).

I understand that it is a rewarding job to help other people in using openSUSE for their computer scores. But IMHO, you are then the system administrator for those systems. Which means:

  • of course that only you know the root password;
  • that you have some form of remote access to do the “daily” maintenance. Something like SSH is needed for that and that would of course allow you to do this switch of repo URL using zypper or even yast (the ncurses interface) without any problem.
  • you have to travel to those systems now and then to do bigger maintenance like installing newer openSUSE versions (although, when you use the on-line upgrade way and only step one version step at the time, I think even that can be done from remote).

And in the end, why all the hassle? This site is will be available tomorrow or the day after again. You really can not wait for Packman being on-line again.

It seems easy enough with Yast Software Repositories.

You can just edit the packman repo there, and change the url.

I will wait until Tuesday when I have my maintenance window (and thus will look for updates also on Packman).
When then still needed, I will switch to GWDG. Every now and then one of those sites will have a problem, I switched already several times between this Austrian one and GWDG (and probably also had a Belgian site during some time) when need arose, only a few times in all those years. :slight_smile:

And no, I do not think my age has anything to do with it. :wink:

I have shifted to a mirror as suggested in earlier posts. But will the Packman repository’s new site be there in OpenSuse menu any time soon?

Hey thanks, I had the same question.
Works for me now.

Yes, and the fine thing here is that when next time (in a few years?) Aachen becomes suddenly unavailable, you can go to Austria by simply disabling and enabling. In other words, your fallback mirror is there ready to be used.

Do not understand this. Which “openSuse menu”?
And you will experience nothing of this “new site”. It will be other hardware, but the URL will still be the same.

I have been assuming that it is the menu presented when you attempt to add a community repo with Yast Software Repositories.

Maybe I am old and can’t understand what I am reading, but where did I miss a site URL for ‘GWDG’ related to the Packman reposotiories?

The mirror dns names :wink: <http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/packman/>